Occasionally mailboxes may be damaged during snow removal operations. We try to minimize damage. We do on occasion strike a mailbox. However, the most common cause of mailbox & post damage in simply the force of the snow as it is discharged from the plow.

According to Town Law and supported by opinion from the NY State Attorney General’s Office; when a property owner places his or her mailbox in the Town’s right-of-way, the Town is not liable for damage resulting from road maintenance operations. (the Town's right-of-way generally extends approximately 25' from the center of the road)

It has been the position of the Town Highway Department to repair mailboxes and posts damaged during Town snow removal operations. It is suggested that you check the condition of the post, box and hardware, and consider replacing any expensive or fancy mailboxes or posts with a basic mailbox and post for the winter season, as this is the only type provided for repair and replacement.

We try to repair any damaged mailboxes as soon as possible, after the roads are cleared and our fleet is back in service. To report damage to a mailbox, please call us at : 315 853-2134.